What makes the i-CME- Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication program unique?

As the first organization to launch a medical writing and healthcare communication program, i-cme, has trained over 1000 healthcare professionals worldwide. The i-CME core objective is to provide usable, affordable and accessible Medical Education for Healthcare professionals and participants. Our program has therefore been designed to be affordable and help build the medical and healthcare communication community with right skill to write.

i-cme team works on a wide range of medical writing projects for its global clients. Some of the program's unique features are the assessment and continuous feedback. The program offers intregrated assessments and assignments to evaluate the learning process of the participants.

Is it necessary for a candidate to be from healthcare / science background?

It is not necessary for a candidate to be from the healthcare / science background. While there are advantages to having a healthcare or life-sciences background, our course is designed to cover some basics and facilitate your ability to research unfamiliar subjects in order to be able to pursue a career as a medical writer.

Will I be a competent medical writer at the end of the online program?

Our training provides all necessary skills and technique for any aspirant to become medical writer. However, writing is like an art - the more you practice, the better you become. The program offers intregrated assignments and provides constant feedback to sharpen your writing skills.

Note: Your writing should not be only limited to given assignments. We suggest you practice your writing skills using our suggested guidelines and techniques. Many of our participants have built their own portfolio based on these assignments for bagging new projects and employment.

Do I need a special computer?

The course is designed for use on any type of computer system including Internet cafes. What you will need is a computer with Adobe Flash Player installed and an internet connection. The Macromedia Flash Player is used for course introductions and activities. If you don’t have this installed, you may have to install the Adobe Flash Player. Please click to install http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/

What happens if for any reason I don’t complete the course in the given time?

You have 1 year to finish the course. If you need an extension, you can request it through our administration stating the reason.

What should I expect from i-cme Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication program?

You should expect high quality, usable and an interactive content. After you register for the training program, you will receive an email that contains your payment receipt and login ID. There are no CDs to load and no books to read.

Our programs are designed, developed and assessed by the qualified medical writers with extensive experience. On successful completion of the assessments you will be awarded certificate.

How long would it take to complete the online training?

Based on participant feedback, we have found that participants generally spend about 9-12 hours per week on coursework. This includes online learning, responding to the postings and writing assignment. i-cme program is presented in an asynchronous format. This means that participants are not required to attend class at a certain time, but can login and access the program when it is most convenient for them. Participants will receive a 1-to-1 assessment from i-cme. i-cme will also provide feedback and suggestions to improve the participant’s progress.

What is the length of Medical Writing online program?

The time it takes to complete a i-cme Online program will vary from participant to participant. Participants are generally able to comfortably complete their program in 1 year time.

What should I do if I experience problems receiving e-mails from i-cme?

We recommend contacting us to provide your login details at info@infocusrx.com, however please check your junk email folder. It is observed most of the regular e-mail providers such as Gmail, Rediffmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo or any other web based e-mail accounts are programmed to filter e-mails suspected of being spam, so they are automatically sent to junk folders.

What can I do if I need to contact someone other than the online customer service?

You may contact your mentor through email at any needed time. If you ever need to contact someone directly, you can request a tele-conference, and we will be glad to contact you at the discretion of the administration depending on how urgent your request might be. You can also contact us.

Who answers my questions while I am taking the online Medical and Clinical Research course?

All questions related to the training will be answered by your online mentors to whom you can post your queries. Administrative requests will be handled by our representatives or by our Participant Services Coordinator at: +91-9000-592-779

I have never taken any online courses before. Would it be too difficult?

If you know the basics of computers and the internet, you will find the online interaction easy and user friendly.

Is this program accredited?

The program is recognized and accepted by the corporates and educational institutes worldwide. The program is designed and executed by the professionals having rich experience in medical and clinical research writing. The objective of our program is to make learning simple and help establish a foundation for medical writing.

After entering my User ID and Password at the "Course Login" page, I click the "Sign On" button, but nothing happens. What should I do?

This appears to be a browser configuration issue. It is necessary for active scripting to be enabled in Internet Explorer. Also, ensure "Run ActiveX Scripts" is enabled. After making the necessary changes, reload the page or restart the browser to apply the changes.

Firewall & Pop up blockers: Because i-CME launches in a pop-up window, pop-up blocking software must be disabled. If you have a firewall or cookie management software, please allow onlinemedicalwriting.com as a trusted site.

What if I share my login ID to others?

In simple words we say it's not legal to allow other people to access the training courses that you paid for. If you share the login, you will be violating our license agreement. Please read our copyrights policy. i-cme program administrator keeps continuous watch of participant's activity through the time spent, IP address, cookies etc. i-cme reserves the right to terminate access to this website at any time and without notice. Further this limited license terminates automatically, without notice, if you breach any of these Terms. Upon termination, you must immediately destroy any downloaded and printed materials.

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