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i-cme is a tailor-made program to enhance a participant's skill in medical writing. Medical writing is all about communicating medical/scientific knowledge/information customized as per specific needs of the target audience. (Scientific, Consumer, Corporate/Business community, Students, Professionals)

The participants will comprehensively learn and practice the following:

  • Scientific/ Publication writing
  • Consumer health writing
  • Medico marketing writing
  • Regulatory /Clinical Research Writing

Medical writers contribute in generating useful informative content for any health care websites, journals, magazines, marketing collaterals, scientific publication, newsletters, patient education materials, proposal writing, training manuals, continuing medical education, e-learning, conferences, workshops, seminars .

i-cme-Online Training in Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication has more than 1000 participants from PAN-India, UK, US, Russia, Portugal, Singapore, Middle East, Brazil and Australia. We thank our team, alumni, partners and course aspirants for their earnest efforts, continuous contributions and successful strategies to host the program online and we wish you a happy e-learning experience.

Medical Writing

"Let's face it! This is a skill that gets better with time, patience and practice and the converse holds true as well".

"A Medical Writer should pose the quality to win over an ever-growing advancement to satisfy the needs of a varied spectrum of customers".

"This skill demands grip on language, ability to grasp and interpret, inquisitiveness to explore, attention to detail, accuracy, meticulousness, logically organized and structured form with efficiency, style and innovation".

"Medical Writing is an adventurous profession, out of the ordinary and an exciting experience".

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