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Publication Management Tools That A Medical Writer Must Know

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Publication Management Tools That A Medical Writer Must Know

A medical writer is responsible for developing medically accurate documents for different stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Biomedical industries, hospitals, CROs, publication houses and MedComm agencies usually have an inhouse team of medical writers to develop high-quality medical documents. The responsibilities of a medical writer involve drafting, reviewing, editing, inter-team communications, being compliant to the guidelines and perform various other project management tasks. To establish a seamless workflow, the companies provide their medical writing teams with publication management tools or content management software. It is essential for a medical writer to have knowledge about these tools to perform their tasks comfortably. Here are the two tools that are widely used:

Datavision: It is a well-established publication planning software tool that is widely used in healthcare industries. This planning software helps a medical writer in project management and ensures the timely delivery of the project without compromising the expectations of the authors and the stakeholders.

Datavision is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that understands the importance and process of publication procedure. It is built around three workflows that encompass the overall publication procedure such as planning, project execution, tracking and reporting.

Some unique features of Datavision software include:

  • Writers Workbench: Medical writers can access Datavision through their desktop application or through a specialised web-based portal known as Writers Workbench. This feature allows the writer to plan their works or overdue tasks, thus, enabling the writers to manage their time and tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • Built-in Journals and Congress database: Datavision has the largest abstract and citation database with peer-reviewed literature from more than 5,000 publishers. It serves as an invaluable resource to writers.
  • Document tab for reviews and approvals: One of the core features of Datavision is the Documents tab. This tab facilitates direct management of all the elements related to a specific project. It helps manage the time plan for the project, drafts, reviews, and approvals together with feedback as the project enters its final stages.

Veeva Vault: It is a proven cloud enterprise content management platform which is specifically built for life sciences. This content management platform has a unique ability to manage both content and data on a single platform. It is designed with perfection to meet the most rigorous commercial, clinical, regulatory, quality and safety requirements. It enables the organizations and/or biomedical engineers to quickly manage end-to-end processes related to the content, data, and workflows.

Unique features of Veeva vault include:

  • Content Capabilities: Veeva Vault platform is a highly versatile tool that helps manage documents, videos, and images with high capability including electronic signatures, watermarks, templates, versioning, annotations, lifecycles, sharing and document generation. It also supports the complex business requirements needed for compliance, collaboration, and records management.
  • Easy access to Microsoft office and high optical character recognition (OCR): Veeva Vault users can check out their Microsoft office documents and can utilize the full co-authoring capabilities with a single click. The platform automatically scans, extracts, and indexes text within documents and also find images and PDF files that are uploaded directly or through Veeva Snap.
  • Dynamic Security:  The Veeva Vault platform addresses all the security challenges of global enterprises. It provides flexible authentication and authorization for the organization and the external partners. It has a dynamic security model that supports multiple domains, and fine-grain access control to functions, objects, and data.

A clear understanding about these tools will help the writers to track and manage the entire publication development process without any assistance. These tools will ensure that publications are delivered according to best practices and with highest standards.


A: Yes, there are courses available. You can visit the website for further information and resources to advance your career in this field.

A: AI makes use of SEO analytics and social media platforms and provides solutions with accuracy and with accordance to latest trends.

A: Medical writers provide clinical information to a target audience among which there are scientific community and patient/consumer community. Scientific community includes scientists, doctors, researchers, educational content for healthcare professionals. Whereas, for patient’s, it consists of patient education writing.

A: AI is still not at the level of providing perfect word suggestions or translations. It is only a helpful tool. The world would still need a professional copy editor for editing and copyediting.

A: Trinka is an AI program that helps the writers by comparing similar articles in one field to correct and improve writing quality in any discipline. On the other hand, tools like AuthorONE can provide services ranging from summarising papers instantaneously to finding peer reviewers.

A: As AI learns from examples, it is only capable of pointing out data fabrication and helps in the reduction of errors. Thereby, it suggests and helps the writers to keep the content more authentic.

A: AI fully works on the data and statistics it has in store. As a drawback AI cannot fully process human emotions and nuance of human language. However, as it is enriched with more data, it is bound to improve in the near future.

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Publication Management Tools That A Medical Writer Must Know

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