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Unlocking your Medical Writing skills during lockdown

Unlock your medical writing skill

Unlocking your Medical Writing skills during lockdown

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Unlocking your Medical Writing skills during lockdown

Problems are opportunities. Yes, this lockdown period could be the best time for most of us to pursue the laundry lists like reading books, listening to music, watching your favorite web series, movies and importantly pursing a skill.

You may consider this phase as an opportunity to upgrade/hone your skills and explore new career avenues in healthcare.

Today’s digital health ecosystem demands healthcare professionals having good command over written communication so they can effectively communicate to their audience over the digital medium. Yes, indeed everyone is hanging around in digital space and more than 80% workplace communication happens in the written form. This statistic of 80% in healthcare set-up is of great importance since it is high-regulated and demonstrates adoption of research and evidence base practices and current shift towards patient centricity.

Honing medical writing skills can open up over hundreds of new career opportunities in clinical and non-clinical set-ups. Your science knowledge and language skills can help you to explore career opportunities in healthcare ecosystem where there is constant interaction and collaboration happening between participants digitally. The entire ecosystem is focused around patients and consumers as they are connected via social media data, personal health records, medical devices tracking using IoT – Internet of Things. With the lists of the entities of healthcare ecosystem below, you may be able to estimate the possible avenue for your career.

  1. Food and Nutrition Companies– Food compliance, consumer education, nutrition and wellness programs
  2. Pharmacies – Online pharmacy, e-prescription, claims data
  3. Life Sciences – Clinical trials and development, compliance, medical devices, consumer education
  4. Public health – Pandemic readiness, vaccine inventory and distribution, sanitation and public safety, healthy lifestyle and diet, managing chronic condition and dual diseases.
  5. Healthcare IT providers – HIS – Health Information Exchange, Electronic Medical Records, HIPPA , eHealth , mHealth, Social Media Communication
  6. Medical Research Centers – Clinical research, disease study,
  7. Retail Health Clinics – Consumer services
  8. Health and Wellness Club – Diet, fitness, health and wellness program
  9. Regulatory bodies – Healthcare policy, regulatory compliance and research study
  10. Employers / Business functions- Employee Health and Wellness programs, health benefit schemes
  11. Payers – Risk Management, Disease Management, Patient education, Predictive Analytics
  12. Transaction services – claim processing, accounts payable and receivable
  13. Medical Education
  14. Publication
  15. Medical Communication Services.

Online Training offered by medEduPro in Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication is powered with 3A – Assignments, Assessment and Advice.  The program is custom designed based on industry medical writing and healthcare communication delivery requirement. The e-learning program covers broad spectrum of consumer/ patient centric writing, scientific and publication writing, e-learning for medical/ health professional education, writing for digital, regulatory writing and social media and medico-marketing writing. The training program is hosted on cloud and can be accessed by the learner anytime, anywhere.

It has 14 e-learning modules with integrated assignment and self-assessment tool. The assignment review by the expert is the secret sauce which makes it one of the most accepted online medical writing training program worldwide.  We encourage participants to customize their training by opting for assignments based on their background and specialty.  A dentist may request to customize his/her assignment on dental subject similarly a hospital administrator can request for custom assignment practice as per their hospital communication requirement.

MedEduPro’s e-learning program in Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication is offered in three editions – Academic, Standard and Advance program. The Academic edition is to make students industry-ready focusing on publication and academic writing.

MedEduPro’s e-learning program in Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication has over 1500 participants world-wide and corporate/ industry / academic institutes find the training program offered up-to-date and relevant to real-time application.

Let’s make the best of the lock-down phase and pray we will be soon able to win over Covid-19 epidemic. Let’s wash hands at frequent intervals, maintain hygiene and maintain social distancing strictly.

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Unlocking your Medical Writing skills during lockdown

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